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Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance Preparing Childbirth"I have been a patient of Dr. Cavallo for the past 10 years. I have trusted Dr .Cavallo with life changing decisions and events. From dealing with endometriosis, struggling to conceive, conceiving and the loss of my first pregnancy, battling depression, to the pregnancy and birth of my daughter, and finally my recent hysterectomy. There are not enough words to express the respect and gratitude that I have for Dr. Cavallo and Shelly and all that they do. They are both very patient and compassionate people and are in this profession because they truly care about their patients and their health. I guess for quite a few years I could have been considered a "frequent flier"...through the good, the bad and the ugly, I always knew that I was in good hands with Dr. Cavallo. Thanks for all that you do!" -Shari Mendlikowski-King


"I am TRULY excited for Dr. Cavallo and his practice. He is the most caring, genuine, and compassionate man when it comes to his patients. He has opened my eyes in more ways than one, and for that I am grateful! He goes above and beyond what most doctors would even do! I feel truly blessed to have had him as a doctor, and to continue seeing him through his new practice and wonderful journey he has begun, he wants nothing but the best for his patients, and I would love to see nothing but the best for him and the wonderful team he has formed!! There isn't enough words for how truly amazing and great he is!! I couldn't be more excited that Shelly followed him, absolutely LOVE her!! Best wishes and congratulations!! Hopefully I will be seeing you soon." -Angela


Dr. Cavallo with GigiI am so excited for this new practice. I truly believe the reason I am blessed to be the mother to our Gwyneth (Gigi) is because of Dr. Cavallo and Nurse Shelly. They BOTH cared for me emotionally and physically through the bad and good times of our journey toward parenthood. You just don't get the kind of care these days! I will be in touch and can't wait to check ou the new facility. -Jessica Hilary


"I have been a patient of Dr. Cavallo for the past 7 years and was diagnosed with insulin resistance, PCOS and endometriosis. Dr. Cavallo has always been there for me through the many struggles of trying to manage my health. He never gave up trying to get me to understand the importance of managing my insulin resistance, which in return had a major effect on the PCOS and endometriosis. Dr. Cavallo and Shelly have been there for me while I was trying to deal with 2 miscarriages within a 7 month period and then a second laparoscopy this past summer. After having a better understanding of the negative effects my non-compliance was having on my body, they helped me to refocus on my health. Dr. Cavallo has given me the motivation I need to stick to a very strict diet due to the sensitivity of my insulin resistance and in return I am now 30lbs lighter, feeling better than I have in years. I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Cavallo and understand why God puts certain people in our lives." -Jessica Gurchiek


"I am so thrilled with Dr. Cavallo and staff! I am very excited about having such a thorough doctor who sits down and takes time to get to know his patients. I'm so thrilled that I found your practice! What a convenient location too!" -Jenni Lindgren


"Was in today with a 6-week post baby check-up. I love how Dr. Cavallo has the time to really talk to his patients. I don't feel like another number or just another patient. Dr. C. and Nurse Shelly really cared about how my delivery went and really listened. I have the highest regards for Dr. C. and am glad that I have the ability to follow him to his practice. I wish him the best of luck and will be spreading the word! Everyone was so kind when I came in. It is refreshing to see a new age of healthcare in our community. One that truely cares about the patients as people not just as another number. -Becca Conley Masters


“Some unexpected but
exciting additional benefits
were learning new things
about nourishing my body
for good health from Nancy,
exchanging healthy eating
tips with others in class,
having great energy, and
of course losing 8 pounds!”

~Tonya, member,
Cleanse and Detox
class attendee

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