Brigitte Selio, MD

Brigitte Selio, MD, a board-certified family medicine physician, earned her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine-Northwest where she achieved Alpha Omega Alpha honors.


She completed her family medicine training at Saint Joseph Family Medicine Residency Program in Mishawaka.

When asked what drew her to medicine, Dr. Selio laughed and said,


“I guess because I was always a nerd in science. I liked how medicine combines my two passions for science and service.


I took two years off between undergrad and med school because I wanted to be sure that’s what I wanted to do before investing my life into it. I did a shadowing program and that’s when I realized I loved women’s health.


During my med school OB rotation, where I got to work one-on-one with a solo OB/GYN provider, I discovered my love for OB.”


Dr. Selio joined our medical team in 2016 to collaborate with Dr. Uthman Cavallo in providing state-of-the-art OB/GYN care.


She has embraced PHA’s integrative holistic care philosophy and enhances her traditional practice by connecting patients to our HolisticHealth Services™.


Dr. Selio is an important member of our Multi-Disciplinary Fertility and Pregnancy Care Teams, seeing women at key intervals throughout pregnancy and rotating with Dr. Cavallo for deliveries.


You may also work with her in other areas of women’s health from new patient appointments to annual exams and follow-up for specific issues like endometriosis, preconception counseling, PCOS, fertility challenges, PMS management, and more.


Dr. Selio really likes being able to use our integrative holistic approach to incorporate prevention into her care.


“I like catching people before they get a disease and intervening before it becomes a problem. I’m able to have the conversation ‘what can we do to maintain your health or prevent you from developing a certain medical condition?’


I also really like taking care of moms during their pregnancy, through delivery, and afterward for their post-partum visits and annual exams. I love to see how their babies are growing.


This continuity of care helps me pick up on things like post-partum depression.


Here at PHA, I can present all the options and offer women multiple resources they can tap into—in addition to traditional western medicine, I can include complementary holistic health resources in their treatment plan.


I enjoy taking care of women throughout the transition points and different phases of their lives”


Outside of work, Dr. Selio loves spending time with her husband and three children, going for walks with the dogs in the evening, and visiting her parents.


Her love of her own family extends into the way she practices medicine with a calm, warm, family-centered approach. In fact, that is what she loves most about PHA.


“My favorite thing about working at PHA is the people, the family-like atmosphere. What really sets us apart is our team-based approach to patient care, taking care of patients as the whole person.”


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