3 Compelling Reasons to Practice Yoga as a Family


September 8, 2017

Connecting as a family can be more difficult than ever with all of the distractions and devices that vie for our attention. It can feel impossible to get everyone in the same room together, let alone to do something together.


But we know instinctively that this kind of family connection is vitally important. And because of that, we like to keep our eyes out for opportunities that will bring us together. One great activity is practicing yoga together. Here’s why:



1. It Models the Importance of Healthy Lifestyles Choices to Children


Our kids learn more from watching us than anything else, so it’s important to model healthy lifestyle choices and implement personal stewardship practices so that they will see the importance of this early on.


Setting aside an intentional time to share a physical activity is a way to demonstrate the importance of real connection and quality time together.


Not only that, but research has shown that yoga can be an effective tool for managing stress and regulating emotions.


Children intuitively know when their parents are stressed.  Persistent stress in families can result in many long-term physical and emotional consequences for everyone in the family.


Practicing yoga together is a great way to model mindfulness and self-control to our children and to practice those methods as parents. 



2. It Aids in Healthy Family Bonding


Meaningful family interaction can…


  • build trust and mutual respect

  • improve communication

  • build a sense of self-worth in children

  • bring intentionality to the goal of being fully present and engaged with your family members


Yoga classes particularly geared toward family interaction are structured so that families move through postures together. At times you’ll support each other, relying on your family for strength and balance.


The combination of standing poses, backbends and folding postures, along with sitting and relaxation postures builds strength, balance, trust, confidence, and connection.



3. It Aids in Healthy Development in Children and Adolescents


Practicing Family Yoga not only helps families collectively but individually as well. Through it, each member learns skills of physical fitness, mindfulness, and self-reflection.


Parents long for their children to grow into the best individuals they can be and research has shown yoga’s potential to promote healthy physical and emotional development in our children.


“The evidence of yoga practice among children indicates improved benefits in concentration, stress alleviation, self-awareness, consciousness, self-regulation, behavioral and emotional maturity, and self-confidence in everyday life.”


-Frontiers in Psychiatry Journal


If you’d like to read more on this subject, check out this fascinating article: “Yoga for children and young people’s mental health and well-being”.


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