"My search for answers"

Frank's Integrative Nutrition Series Experience

After having a heart attack, I’ve been in search of better health through nutrition and supplements.


This is not the path my doctors are directing me in. During my search for better health, I’ve realized mainstream medicine may be lacking in their ability to provide the best answers.


Mainstream medicine is flawed.


They’re great if you’re in need of immediate, life-threatening medical attention, but for routine check-ups, they overlook so much that’s important.


And if they do identify something early on, they might not even know the right advice. They just go with the flow of the standard, traditional approach. And they’re so busy in their practice they don’t have time to stay up to date with new technology and knowledge.


I like my current doctor, but he’s old school.


One big problem on my search for answers is that there’s so much contradiction. I don’t know which voices to trust.

Because of the misinformation out there, I appreciated being able to ask questions in class as well as being able to squeeze in a couple more questions afterward.


With everything I’ve learned, I would tell people it’s important to take this class.



It’s excellent for everyone. You’ll learn a lot and it will get you thinking.


There’s a lot to gain. Even if you learn just a few things, it will make you think twice about all the junk food you’re eating.


Most of the people around me are younger than me—a younger generation where everyone feels healthy and invulnerable.



But what they don’t realize is that poor health sneaks up on people over many years. It’s much wiser to be proactive and prevent disease before it comes.



If you keep living like ‘it won’t happen to me’, you’ll be like me when one day it hits you.


It’s easier to do it right the first time.

~ Frank, Past Integrative Nutrition Series Participant

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