Julie Oblak

Julie Oblak, RDMS

Julie Oblak, Ultrasound Technologist, says it was her love of science that first drew her to the medical field:


“I love anything about how things develop, how things grow—why things happen the way they do. I was drawn to ultrasound particularly because you get to see new life being created.”

Julie interacts with women through various stages of their care at PHA. She and Krista Greaves work with our obstetrical patients throughout their pregnancy.


A few reasons why Julie enjoys her work so much:


“I get to personalize the care for each individual and build relationships with patients because I see them more than once. I see them as people to care for instead of just another person passing through.


It’s a fun experience getting to see patients’ babies with them, showing them the cool features developing and growing. It’s exciting what you get to share.”


Julie also performs many pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds for gynecological concerns to help our medical providers establish and to follow-up on diagnoses.


As a member of our Multi-Disciplinary Fertility Care Team, Julie follows women throughout their fertility challenges and often onward into pregnancy.


“I like to get to walk with patients through this process. Even when it’s hard, it’s rewarding.


Being able to comfort women in those moments when things aren’t going as they expect or would like—being able to give them a hand to hold or a hug—is really meaningful.


I also love sharing in the excitement when we see positive results.”


When not in the office, Julie likes to spend time doing photography, kayaking, boating, hiking, reading, and anything at the beach. (She goes to Lake Michigan once a week even in the winter!)


And she loves exploring and traveling, with her favorite trip being a tie between Spokane, Washington and Ireland.