"A Divine Intervention"

Laura's Integrative Nutrition Series Experience

Laura, in her mid-50s, was working to improve her health and lose weight for several months. After some great progress, her efforts started to plateau.


Within two months of taking our INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION CLASS SERIES and becoming a patient, she lost an additional 15-20 pounds.


She started implementing what she learned right away and has since noticed other results in addition to weight loss:

I’m just so happy—my primary doctor [referred] me here…


That was like a divine intervention because it’s made a huge difference…


It’s nice to see that my hard work is showing results and I can feel it in my body. It’s been a great experience.

My beautician said my hair is growing back.


I’d lost a lot of hair. Conventional doc said it was menopause, but my beautician said baby hairs are growing back…



I had a lot of mental fog...

...that’s what scared me and got me dedicated [to changing my lifestyle]. I’ve always been sharp in the head but I was getting to where I couldn’t do my work. That’s come back to normal…


The main thing I learned [in class] is that eating the right things can be better than medicine for the body and eating the wrong things is a big part of declining health.


You are responsible for what foods you stick in your mouth, so it’s important to educate yourself on what that food actually is.



Most of us make sure we use the proper fluids and fuel to run our cars so why wouldn’t we care as much about what we are putting in our mouths to run our bodies?


Here’s a doctor telling you what works. It made me realize how important it was…


[Her] lectures encouraged me to clear out my pantry and dedicate the time to the preparation of healthy meals in a healthy way. I learned to read food labels properly and what ingredients makes an item a good choice or a bad choice.


She had the lecture but also shows real-world examples of how it works.



It’s so different from any other class you’d take about this subject. It was helpful that she showed what you could get locally in a regular grocery store…


People think this way of eating is expensive, but you can adapt it to any budget… I spend more time cooking—which I didn’t like to do—but now I look at recipes and wonder, “How can I make this more healthy and still taste great?” I really like the challenge and cooking is now an activity I enjoy!


Everybody’s got a book out and you’re like, “What’s right? What’s wrong?”…Being taught by a doctor who knew what she was talking about made me so confident.


It’s really kind of eye-opening…


I didn’t think I had any influence on anyone and now my family and friends are noticing my weight loss, clearer skin, and increased energy.


People are asking what I’m doing and making small changes of their own. My success is proof that anyone can do it. Proper nutrition is the first step.


~ Laura, PHA Patient & Integrative Nutrition Series Participant

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