HolisticHealth Packages

Studies have shown that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.


How we choose to stress, eat, move, and sleep has a profound impact on our health—for good or for ill—depending on what type of choices we are consistently making.


We believe in optimizing health through evidence-based lifestyle medicine practices because, in our experience, this approach achieves better outcomes.


However, the behavior change often needed to build a healthy and thriving life can be challenging.


In order to break the process down into manageable pieces, we’ve put together three specific HolisticHealth Packages™:

Gain immediate traction in harnessing the disease-fighting, wellness-promoting power of nutrition. We designed this package to empower men and women with expert knowledge about key lifestyle factors that impact your health, with an emphasis on nutrition. Equipped with new awareness, clear strategies, and rekindled determination, we help you channel these tools into practical next steps...

If you keep doing exactly what you’re doing, how do you see your physical, mental, and emotional health in 5 years? We designed this package to help both men and women combat the negative effects of stress by learning to stress better! Break free from the gridlock of stress and enhance your ability to handle the everyday challenges of life...

Create the lifestyle you want by establishing healthy rhythms. The behavior change often needed to have a healthy and thriving life can be challenging. Our HolisticHealth Coaches collaborate with you to identify, reach, and sustain health and wellness goals. You will work in partnership with your coach to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This package contains three sessions to help you start moving in this direction....

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We created these distinctive combinations of expert medical education and coaching psychology because we know that, for many, knowledge alone is NOT ENOUGH to implement sustainable change.


Our HolisticHealth Coaches™ are trained to incorporate wellness coaching into PHA’s unique brand of integrative holistic medicine.


These specially curated selections from our HolisticHealth Services involve:


  • Expertise from our multi-disciplinary team of professionals targeting specific areas of lifestyle medicine, including stress management and nutrition.


  • One-on-one coaching to help you uncover what habits, strategies, and practices work best for YOU in your current season of life.


Many people experience lasting impact with just one targeted, multi-disciplinary package + one HolisticHealth Coaching Package.


We are available for as much or as little continued support as you desire.

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