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You know that if the waiting room is filled with healthcare workers, then the docs absolutely know what they are doing...
~Angie G.

Our primary medical focus is a whole-person approach to women’s health and pregnancy care.

We also provide education and resources for, not just our patients, but men and women throughout the community through our HolisticHealth Services™.

A medical practice dedicated to caring for the whole you

Empowering individuals to thrive...

Impacting the community for good...

At Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance (PHA), we specialize in equipping people with HolisticHealth™—our unique approach to integrative holistic medicine.

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A cutting-edge approach to health care originating in the medical community. Our board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners integrate complementary medicine and lifestyle medicine into a strong foundation of traditional western medicine.


We believe medication management alone and other limited approaches to many medical conditions are less effective because optimal treatment and better outcomes usually require complementary treatments and a significant change in lifestyle.



We embrace nontraditional treatments such as acupuncture, yoga therapy, chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, meditation and mindfulness practices, dietary supplements, etc.



We address how you eat, sleep, move, and manage stress; lifestyle choices and practices that can amplify your body’s ability to heal itself.



We address the WHOLE person; body and mind.

Integrative Holistic Medicine Definiton



We create personalized treatment (or wellness optimization) plans that integrate the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team of professionals.


We offer unique, proactive, and comprehensive approaches to women’s healthcare designed by our founders:


Flowing from our desire to empower individuals to thrive and impact the community for good, we go beyond direct patient care and make our expanding HolisticHealth Services™ available to the entire community.


Through interactive group tutorials and one-on-one support, you can learn and apply lifestyle medicine practices that tap into your body’s innate ability to heal itself. 


This office has changed my life!


They are professional, yet friendly and caring. The staff is amazing!


I would recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for answers to their health issues.


While their office may be primarily ‘medical,’ they also provide counseling with dietary and lifestyle concerns.


They give you the tools to help you move forward to a healthier lifestyle...


These people are the real deal. They want to make people healthier!



Medical Services (for women)

  • Pregnancy Care

  • Preconception Counseling

  • Fertility Care

  • Endometriosis Care

  • PCOS Management

  • PMS Management

  • Menopause/Perimenopause Management

  • Weight Management

  • Routine Gynecologic Care

HolisticHealth Services (for everyone)

  • Classes

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We believe a positive patient experience is just as important as an optimal medical outcome.


So we create an environment where our patients feel heard and cared for. We take the time to listen and address the complex needs of each patient to proactively treat the whole person.


The provider-patient partnership is an ongoing discussion where we value your story, your experience, and your desires.


We meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go.


This is the most amazing place to receive care.


I’ve never in my life felt more involved with my care, and have felt like I have a voice in what happens with my body.


The entire staff is awesome!”


Our medical providers, HolisticHealth service providers, and class instructors equip you with care, knowledge, and tools for improving your health and thriving through the ups and downs of life.


Unlike other dependency care models that emphasize treatment of disease without getting to the root cause, our goal is to foster and encourage independence.


Equipped, confident, and flourishing, we love to see thriving patients influencing others for good.


If you are ready to START YOUR TRANSFORMATION TO A HEALTHIER YOU, CLICK HERE OR CALL (574) 273- 3880 to discuss the best way for you to get started!

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