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Susan Hart-Cavallo, MD

Susan (Hart) Cavallo, MD is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician, Co-Founder, and our Director of Integrative Holistic Medicine. She earned her undergraduate degree from Oberlin College and her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. 


She completed her residency at William Beaumont Hospital in Detroit. Susan practiced locally for several years before taking a 3-year sabbatical in 2008 to stay home with her four children.


"Growing up on a 40-acre farm in Fort Wayne, Indiana and spending summers with my grandparents in Traverse City, Michigan afforded me abundant opportunities to go exploring.


I loved to collect tadpoles and watch them change, to go hunting with my brother for crayfish, to dig for worms and rocks, and to see what the view was like from the tops of the trees in my yard.


I have always been naturally open-minded and curious. My favorite classes in high school were the behavioral and life sciences, but nothing captured my attention and intrigued me more than my cell and molecular biology class at Oberlin College.


It was fascinating to learn about the complex molecular machinery and intricate systems of communication, checks and balances that exist on a cellular level.


Still today I am captivated by advances in neuroscience and the scientifically proven connections between the mind and the body, with genes being switched on and off in response to our thought lives!


It is exciting to learn how much of the way we think influences our attitudes and behavior, the choices we make, and how these can impact our health and wellbeing, for better or for worse.


While in medical school, I received a student fellowship in Pathology and spent an extra year between my academic and clinical years functioning essentially as a first-year pathology resident.


In addition to reviewing many types of biopsies with my attending physicians, I personally performed over 50 (supervised) autopsies. Much of the time the cause of death was either directly or indirectly related to vascular disease or cancer.


This had a profound effect on the development of my passion for primary care and preventive medicine, especially when considering how many variables affecting the development of disease are within our control despite our genetic makeup.


As both a physician and a health coach, I get to combine my love for medicine and teaching with my interest in processes that foster sustainable, meaningful behavior change.


I love to connect with patients who want to partner with me in their care. It is gratifying to listen to their stories, get to know them, and help them discover the capacities within themselves to achieve new health-promoting goals and improved health.


I have a particular interest in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. In addition to routine screening, I focus on correcting hormonal imbalances through diet and other aspects of Lifestyle Medicine.


I am honored to be a part of the distinguished team at PHA and look forward to meeting you."

Dr. Hart-Cavallo's patient schedule is closed, but by registering for her upcoming nutrition classes you will have opportunities to tap into her expertise.


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