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Shelly Schultz, BSN, RN

Shelly Schultz, a graduate of Saint Mary’s College School of Nursing, brings the wisdom and expertise gained from 30+ years of experience to her role as PHA’s Director of Nursing.


After beginning her career in hospital-based medical/surgical nursing, she worked in College Health for 6 years before moving into the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Looking back, Shelly recalls, “I always felt like I was good with people. I enjoyed connecting and bonding with them, helping them.”

It was her dual passion for science and teaching that first drew her to nursing:

“If I wasn’t a nurse, I would have been a teacher, but I liked the science more. As a nurse, I found I could have best of both worlds. Especially in women’s health, where there’s a lot of education that needs to go on.”


Shelly is a key member of our multi-disciplinary Fertility and Pregnancy Care Teams.


She will likely be the first medical person you speak to over the phone as you start your pregnancy care. She will remain a constant touch point throughout your pregnancy, answering your questions and collaborating with the rest of our team, as they personalize your care.


Additionally, as the point-person for our Fertility Care Team, Shelly is the first person to meet with couples after joining our fertility program. Upon referral by one of our medical providers, she will present your personalized care plan designed by Dr. Uthman Cavallo and get the ball rolling.


She continues on as your Fertility Case Manager, your go-to liaison throughout the process, coordinating your care and facilitating adjustments to your plan in conjunction with your medical provider.


“I really value building trusting relationships with the ladies who see us. My passion is being a helpful resource as an active part of their care team. I am dedicated to assisting our patients in navigating through their care, understanding what’s going on, and putting them at ease.”


Outside of PHA, you’ll most likely find Shelly spending time with her husband, two sons, daughter-in-law, and grandson.


“I have a particular interest in families who have children with special needs because of our own son with Down syndrome. I learned early on the importance of being an advocate for him and our family. Advocating for patients and families has now become one of my deepest passions.”


She can also be found running marathons or having the time of her life at Disney World…or both!

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