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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring someone with me?


You're always welcome to participate with someone you know as long as they have pre-registered and pre-payed.


Do you have a payment plan?


Not at this time.


How much time must I set aside to participate in the Cleanse?


The Cleanse involves three 2-hour sessions during the course of three weeks. The cleansing and detoxifying process involves a detailed eating regimen with home-cooked meals and cleansing drinks. If you are not in the habit of making your own meals, this will require additional time for food and drink preparation. The Cleanse also involves some homework and skincare/hygiene routines.


Are there any additional costs involved?


The class fee of $127 covers Nancy's nutritional education, guidance, and expert advice. Additional costs include Cleanse-approved food and supplies that may not be a part of your normal grocery purchases. The cleanse and detox process also involves taking several dietary supplements (optional, but highly recommended).


Can I still benefit from the Cleanse even if I don't take the supplements?


Yes! The elimination of certain foods and the liquid-supported fast are transformative on their own. Any cleansing is better than nothing. However, it is true that by adding the supplements you may achieve even better results. Nancy will let you know which supplements are the most essential.


Will I use up all the supplements during this Cleanse?


No, there is typically a substantial amount left over. Some participants choose to keep taking them after the Cleanse for continued benefits. Some save them for the next Cleanse.


Should I bring anything with me to class?


Bring a notebook and something to write with as you will want to take notes during class and put together a shopping list for Cleanse-related food, beverages, supplements, and other items. Your list will vary depending on what you decide is right for you.


I'm interested, but this sounds like a lot. Should I still participate?


It's all about what you want to get out of it—whether that’s just soaking up the nutritional education, applying a portion of what you’re learning, or achieving maximum results by participating 100%.

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If you have more questions, feel free to call the office @ 574-273-3880!


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