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Jump start your health goals with a revitalizing cleanse and detox!

Getting healthy and staying healthy can be pretty tough.


There's a multitude of diets and programs. There are healthy living magazines, YouTube videos, online courses, articles, blog posts, and thousands upon thousands of Pinterest pins.


Man, it’s overwhelming!


Some of it is great advice. Some, not so great. But either way, it can be hard to know what to do to get started. And, of course, there are all of the complications that come with walking through life—both good and bad.


You can be chugging along smoothly with your healthy routine and then bam! There’s a family crisis…a new diagnosis…a fun vacation…or even a small routine change. It can be easy to fall out of healthy eating habits, but not so easy to get back on track.


You might find yourself losing energy or gaining weight. Maybe your chronic pain is worsening and to top it all off, your appetite and cravings are out of control!


It can be discouraging and it’s hard to get the ball rolling again.


But we all want to stay healthy for a reason.


We want to live a meaningful life. We want to be effective. We want to experience our bodies as assets, not energy drainers or problem-causers.


We want to be present in the moment with those we love. We want to be able to take advantage of great opportunities that come our way.


Maybe you’ve been working hard, but have reached a plateau.


Maybe you were staying pretty healthy but have gotten off track.


Maybe you’re confused about where to even begin.


Sometimes all it takes to refresh your vitality and jump start your health goals is a clear, expertly crafted, step-by-step process with a community of people walking the same direction.

For decades, Dietitian and Whole Food Nutritionist, Nancy Strasser has led hundreds of participants through the Cleanse and Detox. She has empowered people as young as 12 to over 80—individuals, couples, and entire families—to take charge of their health.

Nancy will guide you through a three-week process that will help remove toxic overloads and restore health, vitality, and balance.

"Some unexpected but exciting additional benefits were learning new things about nourishing my body for good health from Nancy, exchanging healthy eating tips with others in class, having great energy, and of course losing 8 pounds!"


~ Tonya, past participant

Success Stories


During the Cleanse, it’s not uncommon for chronic pain to decrease through eliminating certain foods. It can even disappear completely.


In fact, PHA’s Three-Week Cleanse & Detox has helped participants:

  • Shed up to 20 pounds

  • Clear up chronic pain

  • Reset appetites

  • Kick cravings to the curb

  • Get rid of rashes

  • Identify food intolerances

  • Hone in on energy drainers

  • Decrease digestive problems

  • Get better sleep!


What Will I Experience?

Week One

The Cleanse begins with a two-hour session where Nancy teaches about nutrition and introduces you to the detoxifying process. You will leave ready to begin the first stage of the cleanse: eliminating grain, sugar, alcohol, and dairy.


The cleansing and detoxifying process involves a detailed eating regimen with home-cooked meals and drinks. This requires stocking up on Cleanse-approved foods and supplies that may not be part of your normal shopping habits.


If you do not usually make your own meals, this will require additional time for food and drink preparation. The Cleanse also involves some homework, skin care/hygiene routines, and taking dietary supplements (optional, but highly recommended).


Week Two

You will gather together again for another two-hour session to discuss what you experienced. You can ask Nancy all the questions that have been running through your mind throughout the week. She will also introduce you to the next phase: cleansing and detoxifying the liver.


Week Three

You will meet up for a final two-hour session. Once again, you’ll have a chance to interact and ask questions. This week, Nancy will discuss the last phase: a liquid-supported fast.


Sometimes people are concerned that their energy will decrease, but Nancy has observed that during the Cleanse, and particularly during the fast, many participants experience their highest energy level yet.


Some even feel compelled to declutter and organize around the house. “It’s a great time for a garage sale!” ~ Nancy

Lisa's Story:

Take a moment to check out Lisa's experience and advice to those considering whether or not to participate!

I attended the cleanse class many years ago, and I can't say why I went then, but I know why I've come back!...

What Can I Expect?

Expert Guidance

  • Six full hours with nutrition expert, Nancy Strasser (a $600 value)


Quick, Relevant Feedback

  • You will not only have the opportunity to put what you learn into practice, but you will also be able to return a week later to get your questions answered and discuss your experiences.

  • (If you're too shy to ask a certain question, often someone else will!)


Connection and Accountability

  • One of the great things about the Cleanse is that you're doing it with a group of like-minded people. Everyone who joined the Cleanse did so because they have an inspiring vision for how their health goals will positively impact their lives.

  • You get to give and receive support and tips throughout the process to help each other on the journey.


A New Beginning

  • Participation in the Cleanse is a big leap forward on your journey toward health and wellness.

  • Research says that it takes three weeks to break a habit. Pushing through that critical 21-day period helps you break free from the hold of unhealthy patterns, empowering you to move toward that inspiring vision of a life transformed by health and vitality.

Be sure to register now as the Three-Week Cleanse & Detox is typically offered on a seasonal basis!




Unavailable at this time



Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance (PHA)

53800 Generations Dr.

South Bend, IN 46635




*see below for information about additional costs


  • Pre-registration required. Call 574-273-3880 to register.

    • If calling outside of normal business hours, leave a detailed voice message. You will receive a call back to complete registration. (There is limited space, so registration will be confirmed on a first "call", first-served basis.)

  • Preparing for Class: Bring a notebook and something to write with as you will want to take notes during class and put together a shopping list for Cleanse-related food, beverages, supplements, and other items. (Your list will vary depending on what you decide is right for you.)



  • Payment is nonrefundable and is due at time of registration.

  • Cancellation Policy:

    • Payment for services canceled with notice of 24 hours or more will be retained as a credit.

    • Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice will result in a forfeiture of payment.

  • *Additional Costs

    • The class fee of $127 covers Nancy's nutritional education, guidance, and expert advice.

    • Additional costs include Cleanse-approved food and supplies that may not be a part of your normal grocery purchases.

    • The cleanse and detox process also involves taking several dietary supplements (optional, but highly recommended).

    • If you have any questions, see Frequently Asked Questions. Call our office at 574-273-3880 for additional information.



  • The Three-Week Cleanse and Detox is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Nancy Strasser and Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance (PHA).

  • If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare professional before participating or using products recommended during the Three-Week Cleanse and Detox.

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