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Holistic Women's Healthcare

We offer a unique approach to gynecology services, providing individualized, comprehensive care for females of all ages–from those simply needing routine check-ups, to teenagers with painful and irregular periods, to women trying to conceive or facing the challenges of menopause.                       

When you establish care, you will undergo a thorough assessment of your lifestyle (including your diet, sources of stress as well as exercise and sleep habits) in addition to health history, family history, and any symptoms or concerns you may have.


We don’t just “tell you what to do,” but rather you are an active participant in your care. This is essential for developing a personalized care plan.


We build relationships that foster empowerment by


  • truly listening your needs,

  • addressing your concerns, and

  • providing you with the information you need…


…to make fruitful and informed decisions about your health and well-being.


Many of our patients have commented that our approach is both comfortable and refreshing.


Moreover, this approach is evidence-based and results in better outcomes than traditional models of care.


Click here to see the common women’s health conditions we specialize in addressing.

To learn more about becoming a patient, call our office at (574) 273-3880.


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