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YOGA THERAPY FOR PELVIC PAIN: a 6-week series with Roxie Sweikar

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This yoga therapy series is for women who would like relief from chronic pelvic pain.


While all yoga can feel therapeutic, not all yoga is yoga therapy.


Yoga therapy is a healing art (and increasingly researched science) developed from the ancient insights of yoga integrated into mainstream health and wellness programs.


In addition to relieving physical pain, yoga therapy sessions can shed new light on what we have the ability to control, giving us more tools to help relieve anxiety, manage stress, and improve mood.


Most of our patients who participate in PHA yoga report that they find it helpful.


We recommend this 6-week series for women with pelvic health concerns, including:


  • Endometriosis

  • Pain with intercourse

  • Pain associated with menstrual cycle, including ovulation

  • Vulvar pain

  • Bladder pain

  • Urinary urgency/frequency

  • Constipation

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Other pain associated with pelvic floor dysfunction

Roxie Sweikar, Yoga Therapist

In these sessions, Roxie Sweikar, yoga therapist, will focus on helping you relax your nervous system and release the muscles that attach to your pelvis and hips.


She will bring together breath work, meditation, body awareness, and gentle yoga postures to give you strategies to decrease your pelvic pain and increase your ability to move with ease.

Our HolisticHealth Services are available to the entire community (not just our patients), so feel free to share this opportunity with friends and family!

Ease discomfort...

Register soon as class-size is limited to 10 people


$25 per session

Series Package....$125

(only available until 4/28 @ noon)



6 Tuesdays, April 28 - June 2,



Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance (PHA)

53800 Generations Dr.

South Bend, IN 46635


  • Pre-registration required

  • LIMITED class-size

Call 574-273-3880

to pre-register!


  • Non-refundable payment for HolisticHealth services due at time of scheduling.

  • Payments for services canceled with notice of 24 hours or more will be retained as a credit

  • Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice will result in a forfeiture of payment

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