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Daryl Kane Reid, BA, CHWC

Daryl would like to live in a world where emails are short, simple moments are savored, and every thank you note is written by hand.

As an Emotional Wellness Coach and a HolisticHealth Coach, she has been inspirational, effective, and relatable for the clients that she has served. When she isn't balancing life as a mother of 3 sons and a student of positive psychology, you can find her gardening, kayaking, or upcycling whatever catches her eye.

Daryl is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, who began her training at Indiana University in Bloomington, where she received her BA in Psychology.


She's a Bible Study Fellowship graduate. She's volunteered throughout the community as a leader of women, a teacher and coach.


She has recently stepped down from her position as a Robotics Coach in the Lego League Program in which she inspired a team of 4th - 8th graders to compete at the State level for several years.


Daryl’s varied experiences have uniquely prepared her to provide emotional support and HolisticHealth Coaching at Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance.


She finds the connection between neuroplasticity, positive psychology, nutrition, exercise, and wellness to be fascinating and liberating.

“I really enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with clients in their personal

transformation process.


I treasure seeing peace and confidence radiating from the face of the individual I am coaching, as they repeatedly tell me, ‘I feel like my old self, I feel better than I have before, this is all becoming second nature to me now, you are changing my whole life, etc.’


These experiences are so personally rewarding for me. 


These outcomes are not a result of my personal excellence but, rather the unique collaborative chemistry between the client I am working with and myself as their coach.


I coax from each client the personal blueprint for achieving and maintaining wellness in their multifaceted life.


I help clients figure out what their values are and then I help them align their life with their values. I collaborate with them to live a life that is more authentic—more consistent with who they truly are, how they’re made, what beliefs they hold dear.


We collaborate to gain insight into attitudes that are defeating them and preventing them from moving toward their personal vision.


I genuinely like people and adore coaching. Sometimes lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming; by allowing a coach to partner with you, change is shifted from a necessary burden to an enjoyable possibility.”

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes. To request an appointment with Daryl, call Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance at 574-273-3880.

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