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Andrea Borders, NP

Andrea Borders, Nurse Practitioner, holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science, along with a BSN in nursing.


After working as a critical care nurse for several years, eager to learn more, she decided to pursue additional training to become a board-certified nurse practitioner.

Andrea joined us in 2014 to work closely with Dr. Susan Hart-Cavallo, Director of Integrative Holistic Medicine, in providing holistic care plans for both men and women, focusing on:


  • insulin resistance

  • weight loss/inability to lose weight

  • autoimmune disease/gut health

  • prevention/wellness optimization


When asked what inspired her to pursue service in the medical field, Andrea recalls:

“I’ve done nothing else my whole entire life. When I was in 6th grade, I was a candy striper and worked in a little community hospital and I thought, ‘This is it!’


After that, I don’t know that there was a time when I wasn’t doing something in medicine:


I was an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and a Medical Assistant. I was an ER Tech and did dispatch for an air ambulance, then I worked in the ICU.”

What energizes her the most about practicing at PHA? ...

“Seeing improvement in patients with something as simple as nutrition and lifestyle …seeing patients get better. They make little lifestyle changes and start to see the benefits and then they want more. And suddenly my passion for healthy living spreads.


People often come in feeling trapped, like they’re stuck. They feel sick, but everyone’s telling them there’s nothing wrong.


I understand that they’re experiencing real problems even if they don’t have a clear cut diagnosis. When they understand the possibilities—what they can do to get better—I get really excited because this is the kind of thing that can give them freedom.


I look forward to taking care of patients and teaching them knowledge that empowers them. When you teach them, they can take that, start to flourish, and then use it to take care of their families. And it’s ok when eventually they don’t come back because you know they’re doing well.”

Outside of PHA, Andrea enjoys spending time with family, staying active, doing a lot of reading and “staying up-to-date on the latest gut stuff.”

Call (574) 273-3880 to request an appointment with Andrea!

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