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All-Levels Yoga

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Combining the breathing and postures of yoga with her calm and supportive teaching style, Roxie creates a nurturing environment that will help you clear your mind and regain balance as you tone and strengthen your body.

Our hatha-style yoga class is perfect for both beginners…

 "I've made attempts previously to do yoga other places and left the classes feeling like I wasn't capable of doing many of the poses. This class seemed appealing to try in an effort to give it another try. My confidence has grown in my physical abilities to do yoga..."


~ Taren

...and those with more experience:

"I'm always looking for that perfect yoga class for me--the mental and physical side. I had a feeling Roxie would be great because of PHA's endorsement. And she is! [I gained] better technique and understanding."


~ Margo

Participating in a group yoga class can feel intimidating if you don't have much practice under your belt. But yoga isn't about being crazy flexible or performing perfect postures.

In fact, one of the most common myths about yoga is that everyone's movements are supposed to look exactly the same, requiring extraordinary strength, balance, and flexibility.

Yoga is really about connecting with your body, your breath, and your mind.


It can actually be made quite accessible and Roxie is an attentive instructor. She happily accommodates different body types and fitness levels.

She fosters a non-judgmental atmosphere and emphasizes GROWTH, not PERFECTION.

Both men and women who have never felt comfortable entering a typical yoga studio have reported feeling welcomed and comfortable in PHA's supportive environment.


Roxie has noticed that "people are usually surprised with how well it suits them".


One of the main ways that yoga benefits individuals is in its ability to relieve stress.


Evidence-based scientific studies that support yoga’s health benefits are published regularly.

Examples of chronic conditions benefited by yoga include:



High blood pressure


Heart disease

Inflammatory conditions


Musculoskeletal pain


Pelvic pain












Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)











Roxie Sweikar, Yoga Therapist, helps you learn and build upon yoga fundamentals. Using her wealth of training and experience, she crafts purposeful sequences designed to focus your attention, enhance mental and physical resilience, relieve tension, and promote deep rest.


Please bring your own yoga mat. Other props will be provided.

Click here for more about the power of practicing yoga.

Take a deep breath and join us!





Mondays, 11am-12pm

Tuesdays, 6-7pm

(Refer to calendar for exceptions)



Physicians HolisticHealth Alliance (PHA)

53800 Generations Dr.

South Bend, IN 46635


  • Pre-registration required

  • Payment due at time of registration

Call 574-273-3880

to pre-register!


  • Pre-registration Exception: Those with a Yoga 10-Class Pass do not need to pre-register

  • Non-refundable payment for HolisticHealth services due at time of scheduling

  • Payments for services canceled with notice of 24 hours or more will be retained as a credit

  • Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice will result in a forfeiture of payment  

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