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"Helped motivate me to get moving"

Jennifer's HolisticHealth Coaching Experience


I’ve been working with Mary off and on for quite a while. We had moved out of town, so I had quit coming. I have come to realize how helpful coaching has been for me and how it had held me accountable. Dr. Susan suggested that I do coaching by phone.


I had seen the email PHA sent out about developing a wellness vision instead of creating a New Year’s resolution. That concept caught my attention.


I had been contemplating who it was I wanted to be and how my health played into that.


I needed to determine what to do in order to get there and how to break it into achievable steps.


During our coaching call, Mary asked questions that guided my thinking. We clarified what I hope to achieve, why I want to be healthier, and how to take positive steps in that direction. We walked through possibilities, and she encouraged me to decide to take some small steps that I can successfully complete.


During our session, Mary helped me recognize what motivates me to succeed.



When I can connect positive outcomes with my changes, I am motivated to continue. When I am tempted to backslide, I now remind myself what the consequences will be. That gives me the willpower to stay strong. Mary helped me determine what motivates me.

Mary helped me change my outlook.


Rather than focusing on the slip-ups, I need to acknowledge the victories, even the small ones. When I see that I am making positive changes, it motivates me to stick with my plan. I need to acknowledge steps that I take, even if they are small ones.


It makes it easier to decide to take that next step.


It has changed my perspective and increased my motivation. I have a more positive outlook and can celebrate that I’m making some positive changes in my health and creating some new habits.


Another “a-ha” moment was when I shared something that I had decided to do, because it was something that I wanted to do. Mary pointed out the positives of the activity and helped me realize that it has meditative qualities.


Positive steps do not need to be painful. They can be things that you like to do, if they feed your soul.


I can add things that I like to do and feel like I am rewarding myself.  For example, I add something that I like to do to my time on the exercise bike. It is more enjoyable and less of a chore.


Mary shared stories with me throughout the conversation. The stories help make the ideas memorable. When I have hit some rough spots, one of Mary’s stories will come to mind.


The story is helping to reshape my behaviors.


In talking with Mary, the conversation was focused on me. It helped me to better understand my motivations and potential changes that would help me be more successful. It helped me clarify my thoughts and my reasons for wanting to improve my health and my habits.


Most importantly Mary encouraged me to practice self-compassion. I need to not be harder on myself when I slip up than I would be on someone else. That has helped me to maintain a positive attitude.


My coaching session changed my thoughts from having to or needing to change into something that I want to do, because it will help to get me to where I want to be and will help me to become the me that I want to be. It changed my “needing to” make changes into wanting to. I am making positive changes and am heading in the right direction.


If you have the desire and you want to make a change, but it feels overwhelming...



...talking to a health coach will improve your chances and your outlook. When I talked to Mary, it helped me clarify what I was really hoping for, and she helped me determine some steps that seem achievable for me.


She helped motivate me to get moving.


She definitely motivated me to want to do it. Because I’m doing it to get where I want to be instead of where I ‘need’ to be.

~ Jennifer, HolisticHealth Coaching Client

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People’s HolisticHealth Coaching experiences come in many shapes and sizes.


Some have one session and are off to the races.


Some experience coaching as part of our specially curated HolisticHealth Packages™.


Some find value in meeting with a coach regularly for a time because they need that steady accountability, guidance, and support to get where they want to go.

Learn more about how working with one of our HolisticHealth Coaches can help YOU get to where you want to go:


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