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Krista Greaves, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)

Krista Greaves, Ultrasound Technologist and Director of Ultrasonography, brings over 20 years of experience to PHA.

Krista says she always knew that she wanted to be involved in healthcare in general. “I have a genuine interest and concern for people. I wanted to help people.”

But it wasn’t until a life-changing experience as a teenager that she decided to focus on ultrasonography.


“When I was 17, I had a HORRIBLE ultrasound experience.”


Her condition was so severe that she ended up in surgery five hours later. Though the need for emergent surgery can be dramatic in and of itself, it was the way she was treated during the ultrasound process that is seared into her memory.


She recalls that “the whole experience was so cold and demoralizing,” noting that the technician made her feel like she was “just a dramatic teenager,” and dismissed her concerns.


“I remember thinking, ‘I could do better.’”


That desire to make other patients feel at ease and truly cared for fueled her ultrasound career and extends into the work she does here at PHA.


Krista performs ultrasounds for a wide variety of women’s health issues, such as the evaluation of irregular periods, pelvic pain, and heavy bleeding. Her work helps to establish your diagnosis and give the medical providers a better understanding of what’s going on inside.


“And I like that it’s not just ‘scan and leave’. I try to actively listen to our patients’ questions and concerns. If it’s something outside of my area of expertise, I’ll reach out to the rest of the team and find the answer for them.”


“It’s totally different from what you get at a hospital. You don’t just see a patient at a random intersection in time and then never know what happens to them. I like the fact that over time I develop relationships with patients.”


Krista is also a key member of our Pregnancy and Fertility Care Teams. Women will see Krista (or Julie) for ultrasounds throughout their pregnancy and during fertility care.


“The most gratifying part of my job is the first ultrasound after a fertility patient becomes pregnant. After walking through their journey with them, it’s so rewarding. This is very different from any other practice I’ve been in.”


When not performing scans and collaborating with providers to assist with patient care, Krista is quite the fitness buff.


She spends her time outside of the office training for triathlons and other races—sometimes teaming up with our Director of Nursing, Shelly Schultz.


She also loves cheering for her two daughters at their sporting events, doing yardwork, going to church, traveling around Michigan, watching her husband race mountain bikes and co-coaching her daughter’s middle school track team with him.

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