A Total Well-Being Workout!

Laughter Yoga combines playful movement, deep breathing and laughter sounds in a way that transforms simulated laughter into authentic, contagious laughter. 


This revolutionary program of "laughing for no reason" is spreading across the globe. From India to Oprah, laughter classes are inspiring joy and sparking positivity.


Clinical research on Laughter Yoga shows that it lowers levels of stress hormones and fosters a positive, hopeful attitude, improving health and increasing connection.


Laughter Class is like CrossFit for the mood, strengthening the laughter "muscles" so that laughter becomes an easy, natural response to life's situations and challenges. 

Take just 45 minutes to set your cares aside and engage in good-hearted play, laughter, smiles, happy foolishness, giggles and grins in the spirit of health, peace and joy!

Come learn, laugh and play with PHA's Certified Laughter Leader, Laughter Yoga Instructor and Director of Wellness and Happiness, Mary Labuzienski, MS, CLL.

Let's laugh 'til it helps!




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