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"Before coaching, I just felt...stuck"

Meredith's HolisticHealth Coaching Experience


When you feel like there is no getting out—you are where you are and you do not have a plan for change—it is discouraging.


Before coaching, I just felt, like...stuck.


Working with Daryl, I learned something about myself and found an action step to move forward one session at a time.


When doing coaching, I felt like, "I am not where I want to be, but I have a plan to get there."


She provided me with notes from the high point of each session and I reviewed them and my next steps. It helped keep me on track in between sessions.



Knowing I had another appointment gave me something to look forward to and I felt encouraged by that and hopeful.


Those multiple sessions were key. People need small enough pieces or they get overwhelmed.


While it was happening it did not seem like progress, but when we looked back I could see that I’d come a long way.


Through coaching with Daryl, I started finding myself…


At first, I felt like I wanted other people to change, but you changing has an impact on the situation you’re in. My change, my approach, and my communication all affected my relationships…


I feel more confident.


You look at all other situations differently. It has ripple effects to every other part of your life.


I built more trust with the most important people in my life; we put in a lot of work to understand each other.

I can do other things now, too.


Coaching helped me set boundaries at work.

Now I feel completely ok saying I cannot stop everything to do something for a coworker...

I feel like I was buried in everyone else's expectations and after coaching I started finding me and who I was.


The more I stayed true to myself each day—every time I acted on things I wanted that were me—I started opening up and I felt the pressure come off.


I used to feel lost and dread the typical challenges that would come up in my life. Now when I encounter situations that used to be difficult it’s like when you take a test and a question comes up and you think, "I know this, I know what to do!"


It’s exciting. I trust myself. I am true to myself.

~ Meredith, Past HolisticHealth Coaching Client

*     *     *

People’s HolisticHealth Coaching experiences come in many shapes and sizes.


Some have one session and are off to the races.


Some experience coaching as part of our specially curated HolisticHealth Packages™.


Some find value in meeting with a coach regularly for a time because they need that steady accountability, guidance, and support to get where they want to go.

Learn more about how working with one of our HolisticHealth Coaches can help YOU get to where you want to go:


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