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Preconception Counseling

Get “tuned up” before you get pregnant!

Our approach to preconception counseling is unique because it is both comprehensive and proactive.


Women who are interested in having the healthiest pregnancy possible should have an evaluation before getting pregnant.


Our primary goal is to check for any potential risks to you and your future baby and to address all medical issues prior to conception.


Once we have identified potential risk factors and/or areas for improvement, we begin to optimize your health using an integrative holistic approach.


This means that our board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners, who have a strong foundation in traditional medicine, incorporate complementary medicine and lifestyle medicine into your care plan.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Our primary goal is to identify and address potential medical risks and work with you to help optimize your physical and emotional health prior to pregnancy.


In our experience, this approach puts you in the best possible position to conceive and thrive through pregnancy and beyond.


Step One: Establish Care

To begin, you will have a New Patient Visit with one of our board-certified medical providers.


At this visit, your provider will address your concerns and perform an assessment. When appropriate, a physical exam will also be performed.


Labs and tests will be ordered at the end of this initial evaluation.

Step Two: Make a Plan

You will return for a Next Steps Visit where your provider will thoroughly review your labs and any test results, explain any new medical diagnoses, answer your questions, and present options for treatment and/or health optimization.


Together, we decide on a plan that works best for you.


In addition to prenatal vitamins, recommendations often include additional supplements and may include medications.


We combine holistic medical treatment with lifestyle medicine practices known to improve pregnancy outcomes such as yoga, nutrition optimization, and stress management.


Our HolisticHealth™ classes are designed to educate and empower you in this area.


You will leave with a personalized action plan that integrates the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

Care Team

Multi-Disciplinary Preconception Care Team


Medical Provider

Uthman Cavallo, MD, Co-Founder and President of PHA (Read Bio)


Medical Support

Diane Griffin, RN

Contresse Harris, MT

Brooke Arnold, MA

Ultrasound Technologists

Krista Greaves, RDMS, RVT, RT(R), Director of Ultrasonography (Read Bio)

Julie Oblak, RDMS (Read Bio)

HolisticHealth™ Service Providers

Susan Hart-Cavallo, MD, Co-Founder of PHA and Director of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Class Instructor (Read Bio)

Call (574) 273- 3880 to learn more or schedule a New Patient Visit today!


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