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Even basically healthy individuals can see improvement in overall health, energy, and vitality with nutritional enhancement.


Nutritional guidance is provided for the following areas:

Weight management

Insulin Resistance


Chronic disease prevention

Cardiovascular disease prevention




Gut health

A great way to get started is with our foundational nutrition offering designed by our Director of Integrative Holistic Medicine:

Integrative Nutrition Package

Dr. Susan Hart-Cavallo designed this package (a two-part class series followed by a coaching session) to empower you with expert knowledge related to key lifestyle factors that impact your health goals, with an emphasis on nutrition....Replace confusion with clarity and confident next steps!

Why do people participate in this package?

Weight Loss

“Men and women come to this class for a wide variety of reasons, but many come wanting answers for their progressive weight gain. Diets and programs have failed them. They are frustrated and discouraged by their inability to lose weight and all the conflicting recommendations. By the end of class, however, most experience the satisfaction of finally having answers and leave with hope for a clear path to success.”

~ Susan Hart-Cavallo, MD


Improving Fertility Through Lifestyle

“Couples attending this class either have a desire to optimize their health prior to pregnancy or have been struggling with fertility and are looking for ways to increase their chances of getting pregnant.”

~ Uthman Cavallo, MD


Healthier Pregnancies

“Some women who have struggled with high blood pressure, preeclampsia and diabetes in previous pregnancies have been able to enjoy much healthier pregnancies after incorporating the strategies outlined in this class series into their lifestyle.”

~ Uthman Cavallo, MD


Controlling Blood Pressure Through Lifestyle

“Both men and women want to learn how to manage their blood pressure with lifestyle rather than medications alone, hoping to reduce the number of medications they have to take or eliminate them altogether.”

~ Susan Hart-Cavallo, MD


Natural Endometriosis Treatment/Prevention

 “Many women who attend this series have either recently undergone surgery for endometriosis and are trying to find ways to prevent a recurrence OR women who are currently experiencing symptoms and are trying to avoid surgery altogether. By the end, most women report feeling a sense of hope and empowerment. For those who go on to implement the recommendations outlined in this series, many symptomatic women report significant improvement.”

~ Uthman Cavallo, MD

And more!

Gut Health:

Those who have mastered the healthy eating strategies learned in our Integrative Nutrition Package may want to take their health to the next level by addressing their gut health:

Discover how the health of your digestive system truly does affect the health of your entire body! 


Learn how to optimize your microbiome so that it works for you instead of against you.

Inspired by their passion for equipping people to harness the body’s ability to heal itself, Susan Hart-Cavallo, MD and Andrea Borders, NP, will lead you through this 3-week series.

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Want more individualized guidance?

So you’ve taken our core classes and have begun making changes. You’ve been building healthy habits as you practice what you’ve learned.


If you’re ready for more individualized guidance, the next step would be to make an appointment with Andrea Borders, NP, to receive a thorough assessment. Together, you will develop an eating & dietary supplement regimen adapted to your body’s specific needs.


As you follow your customized plan, Andrea will monitor your progress in light of your goals and make adjustments accordingly.


Andrea works closely with Dr. Susan Hart-Cavallo, Director of Integrative Holistic Medicine, in providing integrative holistic care plans for both men and women, focusing on:

  • Insulin resistance

  • Weight loss/inability to lose weight

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Gastrointestinal issues

  • Food allergies & sensitivities

  • Gluten sensitivity/intolerance

  • Prevention/wellness optimization

Care plans may include the following as indicated or desired:

  • Comprehensive lab review

  • Serum allergy testing

  • Stool analysis


Call (574) 273-3880 to request an appointment with Andrea!

Seasonal Cleanse(not available at this time) Dietician and Whole Food Nutritional, Nancy Strasser, guides participants through a three-week process that will help remove toxic overloads and restore health, vitality, and balance. Learn More...

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